Aerosal Cooler Coating - 13 oz.
Fast drying spray coating.
Aerosal Cooler Coating - 20 oz.
No longer Available
Anode Kit
An amazing metal anode that controls rust-electrolysis, lime and mineral as a sacrificial metal to protect cooler cabinet and high efficiency tray degrades from all to use...easy to install. Kit includes anode, grounding wire, sediment collecting tray and instructions.
Cooler Cleaner Treatment - 1 qt.
Cooler Coating - 1 Quart
FreshAir Cooler Cakes
FreshAir Cooler Tabs
MEK Distributor Tube Solvent
Methyl Ethyl Keytone...solvent for welding tubes to distributor heads.
Teflon Tape
1/2 inch x 100 inches for sealing pipe threads.
Wire Brush & Scraper
Rugged wire bristles for cleaning scale build-up, lime-mineral deposits, algae, rust and dirt from cooler pan, pad frames and parts...includes metal scraper.
Peel-N-Seal Tape
All weather, heavy duty, pressure sensitive tape with an aluminum foil backing that will provide an instant water resistant bond...for roof, duct, cooler and many other uses. 10 ft long.
Trouble Shooting Maintenence Book
Trouble Shooting Cooler Maintenence
Zoom Spout Oiler
Cooler Coating Brush
Thick polypropylene fiber brush - 3-1/8" wide.
Maintenance Supplies
Evaporative Cooling Manual
Evaporative cooling made easy A complete operating manual