Q: Where can I use an Evaporative Cooler?
A: There are many uses for the evaporative cooler, here are just a few:
* Patios * Auto Garages * Homes * Restaurant Kitchens

* Barns * Pool Areas * Green Houses * Kennels * Agricultural Areas

* Warehouses * Rented Space * Dry Cleaners * Docks * Bays

* Anywhere you need air and have a need to move it, from one
location to another
Q: What is Evaporative Cooling?
A: Everyone has experienced natural evaporative cooling, even though
few are aware of it. When you step out of a shower or swimming pool, air
blows on you, evaporative cooling makes you feel cool, even when if the
air is warm.

Whenever water is evaporated, heat is absorbed. Wet the back of your
hand; then blow on it, the skin surface is immediately cooled. That is the
basic principle of evaporative cooling.
There are two essential requirements for evaporative cooling:
* A wetted surface (supplied by filter pads)
* A source of moving air ( supplied by a blower
powered by an electric motor)
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of the cooler's inside parts.
Q: Why does Evaporative Air Cooling Create Comfort?
A: * Lowers actual temperature. Properly installed, the cooler provides
a continuous flow of cool air that lowers actual room air temperature.

* Lowers effective temperature. Rapid motion of the cool air increases
skin surface evaporation. This results in body heat loss and lowers
effective temperature (temperature you actually feel) and additional
three to five degrees.

* Reduces radiated heat. The constant flow of cool air absorbs heat
from all exposed surfaces and results in a reduction of heat radiated to
the human body.

* Provides 100% fresh air.

* Filters air. Removes dust, pollen, and foreign matter. Helps controls
Q: What are the Advantages to Evaporative Air Cooling?
A: * Low cost of operation and maintenance

* Maximum comfort when needed. The hotter the day, the greater the

* 100% fresh, filtered air.
Q: How Do I Know Which Cooler I Need?
A: Call the Cooler Center and let us help you choose the best model for
Be ready to answer the following questions, so that we can better
serve you:
Where are you going to use your evaporative cooler?

For what purpose will you be using your evaporative cooler?

Are you able to connect to a water source or will you need something  

What are the dimisions of the area(s) you are cooling? (height, width,
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